If you want to study at West Vancouver, British Columbia, learn a little about this school’s training program!

1. English Program

The English Language Program (ESL) is supported for students who use English as a second language, enabling students to succeed in the classroom. Under the curriculum of the Department of Education and Training of British Columbia, students are classified according to the age to be able to integrate and best practice. The main goal of the program is to help students master English proficiency in communication, study and be able to use the appropriate language for each specific situation. The program can be taught in a separate program or integrated into the curriculum.

2. Primary school program

With a dynamic, advanced and modern learning environment, 14 West Vancouver primary schools are among the top schools of British Columbia in terms of academic achievement, sports and gifted. More than 95% of students in grades 3-7 pass or exceed government reading, writing and math tests.

3. High School Program

West Vancouver has 3 campuses that offer high school learning programs for grades 8-12. The school’s facilities are located in safe and attractive areas in Canada, providing a high-quality learning environment. The University invests heavily in renovating projects that provide modern facilities. All campuses are connected to the high-speed Internet, modern and sophisticated.

4. Alternative ACCESS program

The ACCESS Alternative Program is an alternative study program designed for students in grades 9-12 who are having difficulty attending a mainstream classroom system that aims to graduate high school. The goal of ACCESS is to enable students to continue the mainstream program or graduate from junior high school under the ACCESS program.

5. Advanced AP Program

Advanced Placement (AP) is a collaborative educational program between high schools and colleges. The AP program allows high school students to study a university-level academic program, while giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability through the AP exam. Students can earn credit or be admitted to colleges and universities.

6. IB International Baccalaureate Program

This is an international program that recognizes and encourages students to expand their intellectual, social and cultural horizons in a rigorous learning environment, and creates conditions for graduates to continue studying at colleges and universities in Canada and abroad.

7. Vocational training program

Vocational training programs provide opportunities for students, teachers, employers, parents, and community organizations to work together to achieve an important goal: preparing children for the future. These programs provide comprehensive knowledge from learning to practical experience, developing work skills, exploring potential careers by assessing the capabilities and benefits of each specific job, enhancing confidence and autonomy to prepare for higher study plans.

8. Summer school program

The 2-week orientation program is held the month before the start of the study program. It is provided for new students in grades 8 through 12. Provides opportunities for new students to get to know each other and to learn about the academic program.

The 4-week Summer English Program provides an advanced English program with highly qualified instructors combining a half day trip to explore the area.

In addition the school offers fall and winter programs.