As one of the most attractive study abroad destinations in the world, Canada attracts a large number of Vietnamese students every year. However, with different curricula, extending the learning time difference makes some friends delay in making visa applications. Therefore, the admission period in Canada is also an issue you need to consider when intending to study in this country.

The opening dates for Canadian high schools are in September and January each year. Students should prepare to apply for school 6 to 9 months before the start of the course. The duration of the application until the receipt of the offer of admission is 2-6 weeks. After receiving the offer of admission, you should pay attention to complete the visa application form to submit to the Consulate before the course starts about 3-4 months.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho du học tại canada

If unfortunately miss the September course, do not worry because the school still has enrollment period in January next year. All major courses at Canadian schools start in September. However, there are a number of specialized technical and business training programs … which are opened several times a year to help students be more proactive in arranging. time. Most of these courses start in January, May and September each year.

When studying in Canada after high school, if you do not have English proficiency, you can fully enroll at the school before starting the main course. English training programs are started monthly, throughout the year to help students have many options for their time to study abroad.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho du học tại canada

In addition to knowledge related to the field that you intend to study abroad, an important thing you need is a good foreign language ability. The English language ability will not only help you enter the school offer but also the visa accepted by the Consulate, but also help you absorb the lessons and integrate into the new environment.