Studying in the West Vancouver School District, British Columbia, Canada deserves to be the first choice for high school students.

The city is recognized by the United Nations as one of the most livable places in the world with friendly and peaceful surroundings. The system of best ranked high schools in the province of British Columbia. The school always applies innovative and advanced teaching methods with the aim of ensuring the top quality of education and is stable academically sport and art.

West Vancouver Board of Education is the first institution in Canada to offer an international admissions program (since 1982) to welcome international students from more than 40 countries around the world. Here, you will make friends with local students and other international students. Certainly, the knowledge you learn, from the English advanced program or the cross-cultural understanding will help you prepare a stable preparation for the learning path ahead, helping you feel more clearly that you are a global citizen!

Outstanding characteristics

  • Located in a peaceful residential area, high percentage of indigenous people
  • It is one of the highest-rated provincial education boards in British Columbia
  • Schools are equipped with modern facilities, applying advanced teaching and learning methods.
  • Support high quality homestay program
  • The team of consultants and personal advisers is very enthusiastic
  • Statistics fast

School/program name: West Vancouver School District

  • Type of school: public high school council
  • Year of the establishment of international enrollment program: 1982
  • Total number of students: 7,000 students
  • Number of international students: 500 students
  • Number of countries of origin of international students: 25 countries
  • Training classes: from grade 8 to grade 12
  • Average class size: less than 30 students/class
  • The closest city to the main base: Vancouver
  • City population: over 2 million
  • Living expenses: more than $ 1,000 / month
  • Temperature zone: temperate ocean climate, from 5-30 degrees Celsius

Training programs:

  • British Columbia High School Graduation Programs (by Dogwood)
  • English refresher courses (ELLs)
  • Advanced Program (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Support for international students:

  • The International Admissions Department fully supports students throughout the process: enrollment, class placement and homestay, other assistance
  • Support teams at the school include: counselors, teachers and librarians

Admissions conditions:

Grade point average of the last 3 academic years of satisfactory grade or above (grade C), no test essay required and English entry.

Important dates

  • Application deadlines: February and October
  • Opening date: September and February
  • Arrangement of accommodation: Homestay program


  • Application processing fee: C$300
  • Tuition: C$15,000/academic year (including health insurance)
  • Accommodation arrangement fee: C$300
  • Accommodation fee:  $900/month