For many people, when they intend to study abroad in Canada, their parents and students immediately think of the extremely harsh, cold and cold weather. But is the weather in Canada really as hot as you think?

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is also the 4th largest city in the country. Ottawa is located in the Ottawa river valley, the area separating the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

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Canada’s population is unevenly distributed due to historical, climate and economic development factors. The majority of Canadians live in southern Ontario and Quebec, southwestern British Columbia and Alberta. The northern region has very low population density due to extreme weather.

The country is vast with nature’s endowments bestowed with different types of landscapes. In addition, Canada is also home to many rivers and lakes. Stretching from east to west, from the 4th time zone to the 9th time zone, Canada has a very diverse climate.

Like the landscape, the climate in Canada is diverse and different across regions across the country. The snow and snow cover the north all year round but in the densely populated plains, the south is divided into 4 distinct seasons.

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For first-time visitors to Canada, the cold and snow in the winter can make it difficult to adapt right away. These places have a pleasant climate, not harsh but the population and economy are extremely developed.

Thus, it can be seen that Canada is a country with a differentiated climate by region and season. However, when you first came to Canada, many of you were still socked by the sudden change of weather.

In order to adapt to the weather, in Canada, heating systems are installed both in the home and in the car. Public transportation is also heated. Some cities also install fireplaces for walkways from buildings to schools.