The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) founded in November 1925, as a non-profit organisation focused on assisting returning WWI veterans and their families, recently opened their doors to the public allowing them to become fully fledged members of the organisation. Currently, it stays Canada’s most prominent and most significant community service organisation in support of the Armed Forces Veterans.

The RCL pledges to care for all the people that served the nation, with their members showing their support and gratitude not only through donations but also through heavily advocating improved benefits and services for Veterans in remembrance of their sacrifice. In a concerted effort to meet the increasing demand for funds on its budgetary constraints, the organisation augmented its fundraising capacity with an annual Legion Millions Lottery draw. The Legion Millions Lotto found great traction among loyal Canucks since numerous related types of casino games remain the most supported and enjoyed gambling activities in Canada.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

In support of the RCL’s worthy cause, one jackpot winner even donated $125,000 of his winnings to the organisation’s local branch in Moncton. At the time the branch faced a very real possibility of closing due to a lack of available funds to carry out crucial building maintenance work. The kind-hearted donation ensured that over 500 of its struggling to survive members continued to have a warm place to shelter, collect much-needed food rations while receiving support and attention during cold winter months.

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Explosive Demand for Online Entertainment

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