Participating in the course of Urban International School, students will have 2 weeks to live in Canada as a real international student, exposed to the most modern educational model in Canada.

With the goal of putting students’ experience first, the school always creates the best conditions for students to feel cared for and cared for like in their own homes.

Learning combined with entertainment not only helps you acquire better knowledge. But it also gives students memorable memories with useful activities.

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Urban International School was founded in 2009 and started with a small campus in downtown Toronto and has grown at a rapid pace. UIS offers courses from grades 9 to 12.

More than 100 students enroll in UIS every year. UIS students come from all over the world such as Europe, the Middle East and Asian countries. All teachers at UIS have a certificate in Ontario.

In fact, most of the current ESL programs are designed to teach English in a general and focused manner so that students can fully apply English skills. However, the ESL training at UIS’s summer study abroad program makes a remarkable difference.

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The unique ESL program integrates the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum into one of Canada’s most modern educational backgrounds, giving students an insight into Academic English. Thus you will have a better foundation for the future.

The focus of the curriculum at UIS is to help students improve all 4 skills of Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing, acquiring study skills and the opportunity to experience the educational environment at a university in Canada.

Students will participate in fun, exciting extracurricular activities that take place every day through which they gain knowledge through real-life situations. All activities are carefully selected to meet the individual needs of each student and ensure the children experience the safest and most rewarding experience.