If you travel to Cannada and visit the city of Vancouver – The World’s Most Liveable City, you’ll be amazed at the paradise life here.┬áIs the most ideal city in the world to live according to a survey of The Economist newspaper of the UK conducted surveys in 127 cities around the world, ranking on criteria such as economic infrastructure, culture, love Politics and security …

Vancouver is the third largest city and also a major port of Canada, it is named after Captain George Vancouver, who discovered the city. Here there are many beautiful landscapes with rich terrain, in front is a seaport with bustling boats and ships, in the middle is a smooth white sand beach, the back is a city leaning against the strip majestic Grouse mountain surrounds long narrow fields.

In particular, the mountains on the north side of the city are the best mountains. In winter, residents often organize ski sports activities, or other sports such as mountain climbing, cycling … In the city there are many golf parks, tennis courts … If you are a sports enthusiast, you will not be disappointed when participating in Canadian tours.

Visitors to Vancouver will participate in cultural and entertainment activities that take place year-round. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to visit museums, attend seasonal festivals and interesting night entertainment activities. Wanting the tranquility of nature, Vancouver also has beautiful countryside with lots of favorite outdoor camping activities like hiking, camping and watching the night sky in the deep forest.

Others who are passionate about science, the Science World Zone is a place that cannot be missed. Located on Quebec & Terminal Road, this is an interesting entertainment place, helping you to find out about phenomena about physics, chemistry, chemistry, sound and light.

Omnimax Theater of the Science World, this theater is famous for the world’s largest wide-screen dome dome and surround sound system is a suitable place for music believers to have visitors It feels like standing in the middle of a vivid image.