Having traveled to New York City and feeling lost in the vast Central Park, you will be even more disoriented when you take a stroll to see autumn in Stanley Park in Vancouver city on the west coast of Canada.  Because Stanley Park is 400ha wide, 60ha bigger than Central Park. Only this detail makes visitors understand the stature of Vancouver, one of the three most livable cities in Canada.

If California is the last land of the Western Far East, British Columbia is also the last land of “Far Western Canada”. From the US territory, from the West Bank adjacent to the Pacific Ocean moving back east, you go from Washington state to the states of Montana and North Dakota, respectively. Above these three states of the United States are three large Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The clean green campaign called Vancouver Greenest City 2010 was launched by Mayor Gregor Robertson in 2008 and was actively responded by the people. Currently, on the roof of a large conference building of the city, where every year a few hundred kinds of events take place are 2.5 hectares of green grass.

False Creek area in the city, once famously polluted because of dust and smoke emitted from sawmills, factories … is different now. Right here in 2014, Green Hub has been put into operation, the center of waste classification is 3,000m2 with the ability to process and recycle about 2 million bottles, cans and cans every year. Also in here, last year it is came the branch of Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, where artisans and students were free to ask only: use the waste at the center Green Hub type as material for their works.

From early spring to early autumn, you will be amazed at the charm of 4,500 rhododendron flowers in Ted and Mary Greig’s garden, over 3,500 rose flowers of all kinds in Rose Garden taken care of. for almost a century. In the Shakespeare garden, there are about 50 kinds of trees that have been mentioned by English people in their works.