Travel to CanadaWest Vancouver is an area that includes cities and towns that are dubbed “the city of the rich people.” There are many villas in the middle of the forest and facing the sea front. The bedroom window on one side is forest foliage, one on the side overlooking the bay with white marinas characteristic of the upper class.

Do not know whether to call West Vancouver a city or a forest. That is place that we can meet to the forest in the city, the car that runs in the city like the forest. Extremely large primary forests. The red patches of leafy forest The whole area is covered with leaves, which is a symbol on the flag of Canada. The ancient pines were so unpredictable that they were so tall that they were raised like the treble chests of the legendary Indian myths.

On the streets, sometimes we can catch signs of slow cars to avoid stabbing wild animals, signage cars are running through a stream with salmon swim to lay.

Stanley Park is Canada’s largest urban park and is the third largest urban park in North America. This is a primeval forest with an area of ​​404.9 hectares (1,001 acres) lying in the heart of this city. Not only that, it is far back is the North Shore Mountains with snowy peaks all year round.

Vancouver’s people does not fill the lake, not cut trees. The Vancouver forest covers the city, the city goes through the forest. It’s just a city that feels like living in the forest. there is an urban do not listen to the car horn, whoever gives way, gentle. There is no dust, noisy hustle and bustle, no one loudly, no see pit face pitfalls waiting for bickering. Did not see the shadow police. The cars that crossed the intersection have stopped. It seems that the scene of the forest street, this street creates the personality of people always gentle and fresh.