For an applicant who needs a Job Offer to qualify for the Express Entry system. Express Entry is a program that has been implemented by CIC since 2015. This program was established with the purpose that applicants can complete the procedure quickly and set foot in Canada in the shortest time.

Understanding Job Offer is very important. Candidates with Job Offer from businesses supported by LMIA will have the opportunity to process applications faster than other candidates.

Where still the same employer wants to extend the working period to long term. If the employee’s previous job does not require LMIA, the new LMIA will be required to attach when applying to the Express Entry system.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Job offer

A quality Job offer means that the job it offers must meet continuity, full time. Working time is at least 30 hour for week. And a job offer contract has a term of at least 1 year.

In most cases, the employer will send you:

  • A job offer in which the job offer is LMIA-rated. In which the Canadian career and social development agency stated that business owners are eligible to provide job offers.
  • The ID number the employer receives when applying for a job offer on the business portal if LMIA is not needed.
    When you receive one of these documents you can apply for a work permit.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Job offer

This job offer needs to be assessed for its impact on the LMIA labor school. If the business owner offers you a job offer that lacks one of the basic conditions above, then you should consider carefully getting this job offer.

Job offers can only be redeemed when the owner of the job offer receives an LMIA impact assessment. You must still register for Job Bank if your job offer is not supported to assess the impact on the Canadian labor market.

A valid job offer (whether you work in Canada or not) if the business offers a job offer:

  • Provide a permanent, full-time and non-seasonal job if you live in Canada as a permanent resident.
  • This job offer is required to evaluate its impact on the labor market