In recent years, Canada has increasingly attracted many international students with modern education programs, good welfare regimes, stable political situation and affordable prices.

From March 15, 2018, the SDS study abroad program, which simplifies the application process, saves time and provides more opportunities for international students, is applied. So, what is SDS? What are the advantages of SDS compared to previous programs?

SDS stands for Study Direct Stream. This is the name of the quick visa program program applied by the Government of Canada specifically for students from 4 countries, including: Vietnam, China, India and the Philippines.

SDS was born with the purpose of shortening, streamlining the application process for international students, especially financial procedures, towards improving the quality of long-term international students. The SDS program works with Scotiabank to provide a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) in place of regular papers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SDS

With more advantages than the regular Visa and CES programs, SDS also has its own specific conditions. In particular, in order to achieve the goal of controlling and improving the quality of international students entering Canada, the requirements for SDS students are tighter than the other two programs, which stand out at the proficiency level. higher foreign language.

Besides the English program, SDS also extends to the French study abroad program, allowing the conversion from IELTS to TEF under certain conditions, specifically instructed by the Canadian Embassy. The SDS program retains the inherent advantages such as allowing a spouse to go by dependency but financial proof.

Although it seems that the conditions have been tighter, SDS is still considered a potential new door for students who want to study in Canada. Thus, we have just learned about the SDS chapter and its advantages. Hopefully, the information and reviews will help you have an overview of this study abroad program.