Canada is a multicultural nation extremely rich but still ensures the harmony between cultures. All create a unique beauty for this dream land. Besides the issues of life and culture of this country, one of the things that most people are interested in learning about Canada is the language issue.

The history of Canada is influenced by traditional British and French culture from culture, art, music to language, making Canada a multicultural country and encouraged by the government. survive and develop this multiculturalism as a national feature.

English Canadian is Formed through the wave of immigration over time. English in Canada has its own characteristics but generally resembles mainstream English.

English is the most popular language here. With 3/5 of the population used, it is spread evenly throughout the country.

Therefore, most international students studying in this country choose to use English. Because of the worldwide popularity and popularity in the country of study.

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Many generations of immigrants to Canada have come together to contribute to the creation of the language today. The first, largest and most important wave were the settlers from England and the royalists from the American Revolution, who clearly spread the English accent in the Canadian English way of speaking.

The next wave from other English-speaking communities around the world, while having less influence, has prepared Canada to become a multicultural country, ready to accept language changes from around the world gender.

French is the primary language spoken in Quebec and parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. In addition, small French-speaking communities are scattered in many parts of Canada. Even Quebec itself has a small part of the population that speaks English.

Today, although English and French is used an important role in every aspect of life in Canada. Due to the multicultural policy of the government, immigrants and indigenous people are encouraged to preserve their own language as a cultural heritage.