President Peter Skinner
Vice President Donald Sinclair
Secretary Arne Carlson, Recording
Eric Dodds, Correspondance
Finance Chair Bruce Young
Past President Joan Thibault
Executive Members Arne Carlson*
Mike Mousavizadeh*
Mike Mulberry*
George Sidney
Glenn Southan
Barry Taylor
*One year terms
Chair Harry Greenwood
Chaplain Rev. Dal McCrindle
Sgt. at Arms Mike Mousavizadeh
Bar Manager Laurie Strachan
Accountant Lisa Maddess
Barbeques Peter Skinner
Building and Grounds Glenn Southan
John Wymer
Barry Taylor
Bursaries and Scholarships David Crilly
By-laws Barry Taylor
Cadet Liason Joan Thibault
Bar and Lounge Operations George Sidney, Chair
Arne Carlson
Graham Kitchen
Mike Mulberry
Kelly Russell
Complaints and Appeals Peter Skinner
Finance Bruce Young
Hall Rentals Laurie Strachan
Lisa Maddess
Honours and Awards Peter Skinner
Kitchen and Laundry Brent Morgan
Legion Supplies Donald Sinclair
Membership Janice Mackay-Smith
Memorobilia Peter Cherry
John Foley
Harry Greenwood
Poppy and Benevolent Fund Harry Greenwood
Poppy Campaign Jeremy Woodham, Chair
Doug Shwery
Poster and Literary Contest Harry Greenwood
Philip Marsh
Wayne Skipper
Public Relations Peter Skinner
Remembrance Peter Skinner, Chair
Sick and Visiting Membersip at Large
Special Events and Entertainment Candace Cox
Jill Chandler
Kelly Russell
Laurie Strachan
Barry Taylor
Sports Barry Taylor
Ways and Means Peter Skinner
Donald Sinclair
Website Reid Anderson