Just a few minutes after the election ended, the Immigration Canada website began to experience problems due to overload. The site works momentarily and then reports an error and immediately falls into an inaccessible state. In fact, the migration trend to Canada seems to have become a classic motif of the American people in previous elections.

The familiar phrase “If the X candidate wins, I will move to Canada” has caused immigration websites to be troubled every time the new president comes to power. But with 2016, everything is probably different. Trump was shocked when his statements were related to racism, gender, immigration resistance, and the complete contrast with the temperament and calmness of his predecessors.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho dân canada

Canada is a good choice for American refugees because of cultural similarities and close cooperation with the US in economic matters. The country itself is quite diverse in immigration programs and depending on its will, immigrants will choose the right program.

There are a lot of articles on how to migrate from the US to Canada. Most of them focus on permanent resident cards and how to take citizenship, forgetting that they can completely come to Canada temporarily. Temporary residency will include a partial investment into NAFTA that’s North American Free Trade Agreement or coming to Canada to work or study abroad.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

For individuals who want to study abroad, Canada is a great opportunity. Not only is it home to many high quality universities and colleges, Canada has much lower fees and other fees than the United States. Studying abroad is also a viable way to obtain a permanent resident card.

If immigrants tend to permanently stay, ie own a permanent resident card, they must have a marriage relationship with a Canadian or participate in economic immigration programs. However, in the present, it is certain that the whole world sees that American people – those who do not support Trump have been expressing concern about their future, anxiety about the future of water. America.