Studying in Canada is being evaluated as an “open” period with a priority visa policy under the CES program, this event has received the attention of many Vietnamese students and students. And for more convenience for students who want to study in Vancouver city, Megastudy has compiled the schools here in the priority visa category.
Vancouver – a large and multicultural, multi-ethnic seaport city.

Vancouver, Canada is voted as the most peaceful and livable city in the world, an attractive destination for many tourists and vacationers. The city’s education system is very developed with many prestigious universities and colleges. Vietnamese students studying in Canada in Vancouver will be given priority to apply for a student visa with a number of schools listed on the CES program – creating favorable visa conditions, easy access to a comprehensive education system of Canada.

Langara College, founded in 1970, is listed among the three largest public colleges in Vancouver, Canada. Langara College trains top links with Canadian and American schools such as University of British Columbia, Victoria University, Saskatchewan University, York University … Langara School has easy access to students of any level of English, students are trained in English knowledge before formal admission and the school is not required to undergo competency tests.

Douglas College is located in Metro Vancouver since 1970, Douglas College is one of the largest public colleges in Western Canada. In addition to a quality English program, Douglas College also offers 4-year bachelor’s degree programs, 2-year Associate Training programs, college programs and a number of other certificate programs.

In addition, you can complete a 2-year University Transfer course at Douglas College and continue to enroll in the 3rd year of a leading Canadian public university. Each year, about 14,000 students attend Douglas College, of which about 950 international students come from 50 countries.