Red maple leaves on Canadian flags have a star or butterfly wings, seasonal changes in color and deciduous leaves at the end of autumn. The weathered forests and images represent the beautiful and peaceful nature of Canada.

The process of formation and immigration of peoples around the world has created a multicultural and rich tradition. In addition, the government‘s policy of encouraging cultural development and contemporary art is making the spiritual life here more prosperous. In Canada, people living and visiting can admire thousands of architecture and art museums across the country to explore and learn millions of Canadian artists and masterpieces in the world.

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In addition, you can participate in the arts and cultural festivals that take place throughout the year to join you in the vibrant and warm life of Canadians. The Tulip Festival in Ottawa, the Heritage Festival, the Edmondon flavor festival, the Celebraton of Light fireworks competition … are cultural parties that can’t be missed by anyone coming to Canada.

Located north of South America, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, the diversity of geography, ecology, vegetation and terrain here gives this country many beautiful and poetic landscapes. Visit the majestic Niagara Falls, admire the sky in the Yellow knife town, pick up the dawn on the snowy mountains of Kananaskis or enjoy souls on the Saskatchewan sunflower fields, you will truly be enchanted by Canada’s beautiful scenes. can’t be anywhere else in the world.

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When coming to Canada, foreigners all share a comment that Canadians are honest, polite, friendly, open-minded, healthy, educated and especially responsible for their environmental Protection. The peaceful atmosphere in the social life, the open nature and human relations is a very clear nuance in life in Canada. These are the inevitable results of a vast rich land and a society trying to create conditions for people to be developed and protected.