Mr. Justin Trudeau may be re-elected Prime Minister of Canada. But the price his Liberal party will pay is the majority in the House of Representatives.

In 2015, the Liberal Party won a resounding election in the House of Representatives and the chosen man was Justin Trudeau. With voter-friendly style, the former son of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He is expected to be the new breeze for Ottawa. That was usually for old politicians.

That belief has more or less responded after 4 years. During Trudeau’s term, Canada has achieved some significant achievements in the economic field: The unemployment rate dropped to a record level; rapid economic growth and falling poverty rates.

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In the beginning, the image of the young, energetic and near Prime Minister impressed many people. His active and active role in international issues such as climate change, trade protectionism is also highly appreciated.

However, as a human being, everyone makes mistakes and the Canadian Prime Minister is no exception. In terms of image, during his term, Mr. Trudeau regularly upheld the anti-racist slogan and acted against the principle he often declared. Politically, the Liberal party is gradually losing its advantage and if it wants to have enough votes to form a government.

The young voters who voted for the Liberal party and Mr. Justin Trudeau are gradually losing faith in this leader. According to them, Ottawa has not brought the change that they want.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bầu cử Canada

Trudeau’s victory in 2015 was in no small part due to the support of young voters. And without these votes, the Prime Minister’s re-election journey will be much more difficult.

Will these mistakes cause Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal party to fail in the upcoming election? The answer is yes and no.

The Liberal Party is likely to continue to be the greatest power on the political scene in Ottawa. In this context, if all goes well, Mr. Trudeau may be re-elected to the Prime Minister for a second term.