Quickly integrate, start a life in West Vancouver , Canada easier if you know the special things about this beautiful city. West Vancouver  – the province of Ontario. Adjacent to the provinces of Quebec in the east and New York and Michigan states in the southeast and southwest respectively. With a population of 3 million, West Vancouver is the most populous city in Canada and one of North America’s largest cities.

Although not the capital of Ottawa, West Vancouver is still Canada’s center of many industries, and thus it offers economic opportunities for newcomers. West Vancouver is considered an interesting, diverse, clean and safe city to settle. This is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, which makes life in West Vancouver a great multicultural experience for everyone. More than 140 languages ​​and dialects are spoken in the city.

West Vancouver is considered the place with the most pleasant weather in Canada. With winter temperatures from December to March at around – 20 degrees C. Therefore, warm jackets and boots are an essential need for winter. Retail stores, like the Vaughan Mills store, selling winter jackets and boots at a significant discount at the end of the season, so if you can spend that time visiting in the spring or summer, do you Can save me a few hundred dollars.

The cost of living in West Vancouver may be considered more expensive than other cities in Canada. However, the salary in West Vancouver is stable thanks to the minimum wage law. The provincial government passed a minimum wage increase in Ontario from $ 11.60 an hour to $ 14 an hour from January 2017 and will move to $ 15 per hour in January 2019, making life at Toronto is more comfortable with other provinces.

In West Vancouver , the government encourages people to move without using cars. Public transport system, operated by the West Vancouver Transportation Commission, is convenient to help you get to any location in West Vancouver . The system is based on 2 road systems: the North-South route and the East-West route. In addition, there are 2 suburban systems such as the 3rd line to Scarborough and the 4th line Don Mils.