FIFA will make major adjustments at the 2026 World Cup. For the first time, 48 teams will attend the tournament. An additional 16 teams will have a chance to shine on the world’s largest stage. But things may not be good for Canada. In past tournaments, the home team always automatically qualifies for the World Cup. This means they do not have to play any matches in the qualifier.

However, Canada may not enter the final in 2026, despite being the home team. According to the disclosure, FIFA may force Canada to go through the qualifying process to compete for tickets. This is what FIFA is considering, because the 2026 World Cup has the largest number of co-host countries in history (3 countries).

Currently, it is not known when FIFA will vote on this decision, but it will certainly be before the 2026 World Cup qualifier in 2023. In case Canada is not specific, perhaps the search task tickets for the finals are not too difficult, because losing 2 direct competitors are the US and Mexico, 2 countries are co-hosts.

In addition, the rise of the 4826 World Cup to 48 countries means that North America will also increase the number of participating teams. There are currently 3 straight teams and 1 team playing with the other continents. With the increased number of teams, North America will be increased to 6 straight entry levels.

According to the competition format, since 1998, there will be a total of 32 best teams to join the finals. The qualifying round will be held during the previous 3 years to determine which teams are entitled to play the final round with the host country. Recently, FIFA federation has accepted to increase the number of teams to 48 teams from the 2026 World Cup.

The reigning world champion was the German team after winning the match 1–0 against Argentina in extra time at the 2014 World Cup final. Over 20 times (as of 2014) held, had A total of 8 countries stood on the coronation podium. Brasil is the only team to date to attend 20 finalists and currently holds the record of 5 times the championship. Next is the Italian and German teams with 4 times the highest. Argentina and the first championship team are Uruguay, with 2 titles. Other champions are English, French and Spanish teams, each with a title.