Referring to Canada, people often mistakenly think that the capital of Canada is Toronto, not Ottawa. This is understandable when Toronto is the largest, most developed and most vibrant city in Canada.

Toronto – the city that’s located north of Lake Ontario, is the largest, most vibrant city of Canada and the Americas. It is the commercial, financial, industrial and cultural center of the nation, and the capital of the province of Ontario.

Toronto is considered one of the safest cities in North America with a diversity of culture, ethnicity, art. It is also famous for skyscrapers, University of Toronto and the tallest CN tower in the world.

Through its strong growth and expansion, Toronto has emerged as one of the most livable and multicultural cities in the world today. Although not the capital of Canada, Toronto has become an important city, superficial in many ways. Toronto was dubbed the “Heart of Canada”.

Toronto is a major international center for businesses and finance. The city is full of banks, brokers, services and stock exchanges. The city is always at the top of the rankings of this country.

Toronto is like a global city because with nearly 50 percent of the population of the city are foreigners from around the world. Therefore, the city is a vivid picture of multiethnic culture. No other place has as many neighborhoods as in Toronto.

When coming to Toronto, you do not have to worry about transportation problems. You can easily travel around the city by foot, by bike, commuter or daily car. People who live near their workplaces often choose to bike or walk to work, while others travel by other public means.

Canadians place great emphasis on learning and developing a world-class education system. Toronto is home to many world-class universities and colleges. With a variety and richness of specializations, along with constantly improving the curriculum