Vancouver bordering the Pacific that’s the largest city on the west coast of British Columbia is the third largest city with Canada’s largest port. Vancouver is dubbed the “City of Nature”. This place converges many tourist spots with unique landscapes, cultural, entertainment and entertainment activities held all year round.

From the airport to downtown Vancouver we can take only half an hour by car, roads are so cleaned and especially very quiet because vehicles here never arbitrarily honk. The city of Vancouver is the only place in Canada that does not freeze in the winter.

Vancouver has many beautiful landscapes: rich terrain, in front of the city is a sea with a deep water port, bustling boats, smooth white sandy coast, majestic Grouse mountains, such as covering long fields and narrow. Currently, this city has not had traffic jams and the environment is still quite good, so people often call Vancouver “City of nature”. The mountains around the city come in various fancy shapes, poetic beaches, primeval forests, vast grasslands and dreamy coastal roads that attract visitors who don’t want to leave.

In the heart of the city is the world’s largest urban park – Stanley Park. This is a primeval forest covering an area of ​​400ha, located on the peninsula with 3 sides adjacent to the sea. The park nourishes many North American brown bears. Beaches that “forbid to feed bears” cannot stop visitors “touching” to throw brown bears to pieces of bread, apples, snacks … Entertainment areas have many different games, including a yard Golf is surrounded by flower gardens Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron.

In the middle of the park is a rose garden and surrounded by perennial trees. Visiting this place, visitors will be overwhelmed by the colorful beauty, especially in April to September. Visitors can see the view from the hoped stations, the car pulled by the horse to take a breathtaking view, or choose a quiet place to enjoy the tranquility of nature … Near Stanley Park is an oceanographic museum, which protects many rare and precious marine flora and fauna, visitors can see white sharks playing through thick, transparent glass.