The annual number of 150,000 international students studying in Canada can show that Canada now has a huge attraction for international students. Canada is not only rated as one of the highest quality of life in the world but also known as a country with advanced education and class. Not only that, Canada is also chosen as a destination for many international students because of employment opportunities and opportunities to settle in this country.

Let find about student life in Vancouver – Canada’s third largest city.

Vancouver city leads the list of “The most ideal city in the world to live” for many years with stable political, security and green, clean and beautiful living environment. This will be the ideal living environment for international students to experience

Vancouver’s climate is warmer than many other cities in Canada, so many students in Asia choose this city. The average temperature here is about 0-10 degrees C. However, students should pay attention to the erratic changes of the weather and should pay much attention to cold clothes and should bring an umbrella to the person.

Students do not have to worry too much about transportation because in Vancouver, transportation is very convenient. There is always a bus and skytrain here, just a copy of the bus route through the roads, so you can comfortably move around the city. When you get lost you can ask indigenous people, they will be happy to help or you can get maps at skytrain stations as well as in the library.

Warm clothing is essential for them: wearing a head cover, gloves, wearing high boots, and strangling the neck to avoid respiratory diseases. Do not worry too much about the anti-cold clothes on the people because the schools here have a locker cabinet, before entering the classroom, you can put on gowns, gloves and towels here because classrooms also have fireplaces. You should not bring too many cold jackets from your country because cold clothes are sold at reasonable prices and pretty models here.

On summer days in Vancouver, you can wear more cool and cool outfits, but you should also bring a thin or cardigan jacket because sometimes the temperature can get low in the evening and windy.