You also know that, although many countries generally speak English, each region, each region, each country has its own things and differences in English. To illustrate the above, today we will learn about Canada, a neighboring country of the United States, also using the main language is English. But Canadian English is not entirely similar to American English.

While American English and British English are somewhat similar, the English of Canadians is more special and a little different.

To describe, Canadian English is a mixture of American idioms, English spelling or writing and Canadian pronunciation.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Canada

The Canadian pronunciation is closer to the Americans than to the British, but there are some things worth noting. Canadians often pronounce the letter “t” as an “d”. For example, the name of the capital of Canada is Ottawa, instead of reading Ottawa, you will see Canadians read “Oddawa”.

Although it is a large country with many different regions, but even if you go from the East Coast to the West Coast, there is little difference in pronunciation between regions of Canadians. Except Quebec, because it is a French province.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Canada

When it comes to spelling / spelling, it depends on the case that Canadians write in British or American style. No matter which style you write, you should remember to be consistent, have to be consistent, don’t write an article and mix both types.

Despite being a relatively young country (having only been established for 144 years), Canada’s population is not very crowded. However, Canada still has interesting historical stories and stories. Here are some of them too.

The article above is some things that you need to know about English as well as Canada. Hope it has been helpful for you to learn more about this beautiful northern country.